weekend fun

think the worst of the sleep regression has subsided. I really don’t want to jinx it but the past few nights have been penny waking up at her “normal” hours – once a night. this is, of course, excluding last night.

penny had her 4-month vaccines on friday afternoon. i learned this after the fact but it’s advisable to schedule vaccines after 1:30pm so your baby can sleep through the discomfort at night. penny’s appt was at 2:30. she cried a little bit but stopped immediately when dennis picked her up. she was her usual self too just a little quiet. she also ended up sleeping fine that night, but her naps the next day were affected. it was obvious that she was exhausted but she took 4 half-hour naps on saturday. the short naps ended up disrupting her nighttime sleep as because she woke up at 11:40pm last night and it took two tries to put her down. (I finally succeeded at 12:20am.) Then, she woke up at 2:20am so dennis fed her, but she didn’t end up falling asleep until 4:30am!

a little out of it after the vaccines

a little out of it after the vaccines

we weren’t sure if we would be able to make it to church today on account of everyone being tired. but when i put penny down for her morning nap – knowing it’d last a half hour – we scrambled to get ready by taking turns showering, dressing, and getting penny’s diaper bag and other essentials ready to load into the car. lo and behold, penny woke up at the half-hour mark but we were able to go to church! anddddd she was so good today. we made sure to feed her (during service) and kept her preoccupied with toys and a stroller fan blowing on her. (it was really stuffy in the room.) she became a little fussy because she was tired but i changed her diaper in the bathroom and walked around with her in the hallway to give her a break, and fresh air. she was content and let my friend, grace, hold her while dennis and i ate lunch.

full belly = happy baby

full belly = happy baby




now we’re home and watching the patriots! well, dennis was watching the patriots.. but he ended up taking a nap with yuri so currently i’m the only one awake in this house.


this past weekend was dennis’ weekend off. he has a 3-day weekend every other weekend and i look forward to them (maybe as much as he does!) for family bonding time and, naturally, the assistance with penny. yesterday when penny struggled with her naps and we couldn’t catch a break, we tag-teamed by taking turns napping while the other fed, played, and put penny down for a nap.

there was a small farm fair near our neighborhood yesterday and after penny’s first nap we walked over to check it out. we ate hot dogs, checked out homemade crafts and wares, and brought home fresh microgreens from the greenhouse.

there were also two alpacas. one saw yuri and kept craning her neck around her own to take a better look at her 😀 it was hilarious. the alpaca even came closer to inspect yuri more carefully and yuri didn’t like it at all!

makes me think of

makes me think of “the emperor’s new groove”, one of my favorite disney movies


thursday was also our friend, john’s 30th birthday and we celebrated at sushi house, an all-you-can-eat sushi joint! he and my friend, alice, are set to wed next year and dennis is the best man 🙂

as usual, i was nervous about going out but penny ended up being fine (since we already put her down for the night). in my last post, i talked about socializing more and going out. it felt refreshing to catch up with friends and have “me” time.

happy birthday!

happy birthday!

although i don’t like to place penny on her back for too long because she’s in that position most of the time due to naps and bedtime, i have been laying her down on occasion to try and encourage her to roll from back to tummy.



penny’s still napping (2 hours exactly so far) so i should take advantage and see if i can manage some shut-eye myself. hopefully the next time i post, penny’s sleep regression will have ended!

*edit – just as i saved this post, penny woke up, crying..but fell back asleep. Whew..

oh, baby


every sunday evening, i lament over the weekend’s last hours. not only because of work the following day but because i always manage to leave planning my upcoming week’s lessons until sunday night. tomorrow’s looking like another snow day so I hope to use that extra day to finish whatever i don’t tonight… bah

yesterday, dennis and i drove up to massachusetts for the day. we visited my grandmother who recently had hip surgery at almost 94 years old (!) and is currently in rehab to get back on her feet. we were so happy to see one another and grandma also prayed for penelope while remarking on the bump’s growth. it was also cute to see that she had ultrasound pictures of penny next to her bed. after the visit, we met up with our friends, kiel and jen, to have dinner and made the 2-hour trip back home.


i placed my hand for scale


this morning, i ate doughnuts and coffee in bed while editing my baby registry. the doughnuts pictured above are two of ten that i bought yesterday in boston. besides the mini doughnuts, they are fairly large in size so i cut them in half for consumption. i was really excited because blackbird doughnuts only opened about five weeks ago (i found them through instagram) and they looked delicious. although they do look mouthwatering, i was disappointed by the taste. the old-fashioned cocoa doughnut (top right) was greasy because the cake absorbed a lot of the oil; it was hard to appreciate the chocolate flavor. for the other two that i tried this morning, the flour-y taste of the doughnuts masked the flavors that i wanted to experience such as pomegranate. at $3 a pop, they were not worth it in my opinion. i have yet to try the other doughnuts so we’ll see how those pan out. i think Neil’s Donuts in Wallingford, CT are the best I’ve tried… now I’m thinking about their raspberry crullers…

maintaining the baby registry is something dennis and i work on every day. thanks to a great book recommendation by a few friends, we refer to baby bargains to find the top-rated baby essentials are the best bang for the buck. the book discusses everything from strollers to diaper brands. after talking to many baby mamas and reading baby books, we decided to purchase only glass bottles. plastic bottles are (supposedly) bpa-free nowadays but we don’t want to take a chance on that. we also heard really great feedback on dr. brown’s natural flow glass bottles so we included those on the registry as well as avent glass bottles – both are top-rated according to baby bargains. babies also have a preference for bottles so don’t stock up on too many of one brand.


future parents: instead of registering at only one or two stores, why not use baby list registry? dennis and i i liked products from many different stores and found it difficult to narrow down the choices to one or two stores. i discovered the registry (and free app) babylist. this online registry allows you to link products directly from other stores so you don’t have to be forced to choose only a few. at the moment, dennis and i have products from 12 stores including j.crew baby, land of nod, amazon, and diapers.com. plus, babylist also sends you free cards to include in the baby shower invitations.


here is what the registry looks like when browsing from your computer or phone.



i included the message reminding people to ‘reserve’ their items to help prevent multiples. unlike other registries where the item automatically is changed to ‘fulfilled’ when purchased, babylist only provides links so you have to manually ‘reserve’ the item to indicate to others that you’ve chosen to purchase it.

the last tab ‘reserved’ shows items that guests have decided to purchase so others won’t purchase them.

guests click on an item of interest to fill out name and email to reserve.
guests click on an item of interest and fill out name and email to reserve.

screenshot of my phone to show the app:


here are also other books that i have read, and are still reading, to help me prepare for the pregnancy. dennis’s personal favorite is baby owner’s manual.


Honestly, i have yet to read ina may’s guide to childbirth. it received rave reviews but after flipping through the pages, it doesn’t seem much of an interesting read… and it’s very verbose. i might have to give it another try…

my friend, dana, is a mom to a 2-month-old girl, avery, and she gave me the books what to expect when you’re expecting and the girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy. the what to expect book is a classic must-have that provides symptoms and the baby’s weekly progress; it’s incredibly helpful. i also downloaded the free app to watch videos on what the baby looks like every week. for the other book, the author shares her and her friends’ accounts of funny events and helpful tips from their experiences.

image4 IMG_7907

baby owner’s manual reads like an instruction booklet for a car or a toy (i.e very user-friendly especially for men). it has cute pictures and diagrams to accompany the text as well.

image1 image3 image5 image7 image6

i hope my post was helpful in preparing for your registry. future parents: keep babylist registry in mind!