rosé mansion

yes! here are the photos from rosé mansion! my friends and I had so much fun checking this place out back on august 31st. here's some info on the mansion: it's an exhibit that's only in NYC from July 14-october 21. initially, the last day was the 7th but I'm guessing overwhelming popularity allowed them… Continue reading rosé mansion


i actually am not a big candy fan. that's dennis' thing. i'm more a of a chocolate girl. still, when i scrolled through my facebook newsfeed one day and stumbled upon a candytopia  post, i was intrigued. this interactive candy exhibit looked outrageously fun and it made for good instagram photos - what most of us… Continue reading candytopia

weekend in nyc

my friend, liz, turned 30 yesterday. in honor of her birthday, dennis and i took the train down from new haven to the city on saturday to participate in the bday festivities. we stayed at the grand hyatt hotel which is conveniently located a few buildings down from grand central station. although we are no… Continue reading weekend in nyc