after 13 months, my breastfeeding journey has come to an end! i used the last bag of frozen breast milk two days ago and i haven't pumped to actually get milk since tuesday morning. i did pump for a few minutes yesterday to relieve some discomfort but haven't since. no more pumping while eating; no… Continue reading freedom

baby food

penny loves food! we had a bit of a rough start at 5 months but she wasn't ready for solids then. and her first food was avocado which is a hit-or-miss because of its texture. since she didn't take too well with solids we opted to wait until she was 6 months to try again.… Continue reading baby food

vegas getaway

first of all, happy 1st birthday to avery! i had the privilege of attending avery's first birthday party yesterday in andover, massachusetts. initially, dennis and i were both going to go with penny but we knew it'd be easier if only one of us went sans baby. dennis elected to stay home and i brought… Continue reading vegas getaway

hearty chicken corn chowder

goodness, another snow day. connecticut got walloped by another storm. the accumulations varied by towns and mine supposedly received 7.5 inches but it looks like a lot more... one town even had 16 inches! waiting for word on whether there is a delay or cancellation tomorrow. luckily, my snow day coincided with dennis's day off… Continue reading hearty chicken corn chowder

oh, happy day

new england, new york, and new jersey were bracing for the onslaught of snow from blizzard juno, but for many states the outcome was underwhelming to say the least. having grown up in massachusetts and living in connecticut for the past four years, i have become used to blizzards and snow storms with accumulation totals… Continue reading oh, happy day