summer bucket list

it’s been nearly 8 months since my last post, and I honestly thought I was done with blogging. but, i’m thrilled to say that i’m back. I promise to update you on what happened during this time but I wanted to dive right in with my first post.


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summer is my absolute favorite season, and it always has been. the long days and the hot weather are definitely my cup of tea. I’m the type that is always cold and carries around a sweater everywhere – even during a heat wave – because I might get the chills inside a mall or a movie theater.

if you have children, summer is arguably the most kid-friendly season since there are so many activities that you can do! swimming, hiking, picnics, carnivals, you name it — and with the sun setting past 8pm, you have more daylight to try to achieve all that you would like to do as well. 

the first week of july has already passed, but it’s not too late to come up with your summer bucket list! 

here is a checklist on how to get started:

  • search for general summer bucket list ideas on google and pinterest to get you started. have a notebook and pen ready to jot down ideas (and/or you can bookmark or pin the sites)
  • find activities and events that are available in your town and surrounding areas. 
  • don’t forget the library! if you have a library card, you can request passes to museums and other places like the aquarium. these passes are incredibly beneficial since you can either get free or discounted admission!
    • I recently checked my town’s museum passes list and they had added two places: the pez museum (whaaaa?) and the vintage radio & communication museum. in addition, I also had my mom sign up for her town’s library card (haha) and I can procure passes that way too! some places that her town offers discounts for are the boston children’s museum, the zoos in boston, and the new england aquarium! most of these places are also pretty pricey, so yes I was really excited to be able to request passes.
  • after you have compiled your list, find a template online that you like and print one out so you can start filling it in. you may wonder why you don’t just start jotting your list on a template instead of writing it down in a notebook first. well, if you’re like me, you might like to have a “rough draft” of ideas and then have a completed, neat version for the final copy. if you’re not like me, well… just skip the notebook and write everything down on a template, okay? 😛


these are my summer bucket lists. we will be visiting my family in boston fairly often this summer so I made sure to make a separate list for boston and connecticut.

I did not create this particular template. all credit goes to a fellow blogger, yellow bliss road. I considered making one but for time and sanity’s sake, I printed one that I liked. here is the template if you’re interested.


*helpful tips*

  1. when making a bucket list(s), consider the ages of your children. mine are 2 and 4 – one regularly naps while the other only naps if she’s really tired. ez, the 2-year-old, is pretty easygoing and can nap on-the-go if needed but I try not to make this a habit. personally, it’s best when the littles nap at home in their own bed. with that said, I have become more flexible now that I have two children. case in point: we visited boston children’s museum recently and were out way past ez’s nap time. he ended up falling asleep in the car around 2pm and my husband stayed in the car with him until he woke up around 3:30pm. so yes, plan activities but just be mindful of the schedule and perhaps not have a jam-packed day two days in a row; or have a busy morning and afternoon, but wind down for the evening. 
  2.  another helpful tip is to consider the activities. there are a lot of fun ones out there such as “have a lemonade stand” or “camp out under the stars”, but again, my kids are too young for either of these. the lemonade stand could be do-able but the parents are basically doing all of the work. as for camping out under the stars, this would mean we all sleep together in one tent (um, no thanks) and they would stay up past 9pm (heck no!)
  3. make this list possible for you to accomplish your goals! sure, you’re dying to go to cape cod, but is the 3-hour drive worth it? don’t just add things in there you wish to do someday; you can definitely add more things each summer as the children grow older.
  4. make this bucket list a way for you and your significant other to get some alone-time together. on my boston list, I wrote “mfa (museum of fine arts) and “top of the hub.” these are two places that I am hoping to go without the children. (for those that aren’t from the New England area, top of the hub is a restaurant that is on the (52nd) top floor of the prudential tower in boston; it offers spectacular aerial views of boston.)


I hope you found my guides and tips helpful. now go out there and make your list!! if you have any suggestions on what I could add to my boston and connecticut lists, please let me know!


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