you are my sunshine

last saturday, dennis and i attended my cousin's wedding in beverly, massachusetts. we were both nervous - me more so than dennis - on how penny would be at bedtime since she is accustomed to having one of us put her down for the night. since the wedding began at 4, we started getting ready… Continue reading you are my sunshine

change of diet

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver ~ mahatma gandhi penny turned 6 months old yesterday. baby girl is already a half year old! i've reached the halfway point of my goal in providing exclusively breast milk to little p. for those of you that have been following my… Continue reading change of diet

6-month growth spurt

when is there not a growth spurt? babies grow so much, developmentally and physically, during the first year that it seems like they're on a never-ending growth spurt. while this is true, there are common growth spurt times for most babies and 6 months is one of them. a lot happens at 6 months. babies are… Continue reading 6-month growth spurt

penny’s first halloween

can it already be november? it's hard to believe that there are only two months left in the year 2015. there already have been so many "first's" with penny including milestones, seasons, events, and holidays. a memorable first in october was halloween. of course, penny being 5.5 months she'll only have pictures to remind her… Continue reading penny’s first halloween