summer daze

with school in session and it being the second week of september, you may think fall is just around the corner. as the official first day of fall is september 23rd, you would be correct. but this month has still been summer strong. new england has been having record heat the past few days. i didn’t dare take penny and yuri for a walk today, but the mail carrier came to the front door with a certified letter and i was able to feel the sweltering and suffocating humidity from just standing in the doorway. it’s so bad a bunch of towns and cities issued an early dismissal for their schools today, and some have already announced early release for tomorrow. the city that i am employed in has 8 elementary schools but only 2 are air-conditioned so all elementary schools ended the day at 1pm and the middle school ended at noon. the high school has ac so they had a regular day – bummer for them.

currently, it’s 3:56pm and penny is taking her last nap of the day. she’s been sleeping for just about an hour now. penny’s bedtime is around 7pm and last night she woke up after only a half hour! she must have still been hungry because i nursed her to sleep while she was still wearing her magic merlin suit. she ended up sleeping from 8pm-6am!!! her longest stretch ever!!! i have been setting my alarm to wake up to pump but i kept putting it off from 2am on because i kept thinking penny would wake up and i wanted to nurse instead of bottle-feeding her. well, when she ended up waking up at 6am i was engorged 😦 i just recently started getting my supply back so it wasn’t a smart move neglecting to pump. my issue with bottle-feeding at night is that she’s more awake because i have to pause to burp her and make sure i’m pace feeding. with the boob, it’s more likely she’ll fall asleep and i can gently place her in the crib without having to spend extra time putting her to sleep.

dennis is back at work today after having had a 4-day weekend! on friday, we drove up to massachusetts to visit my family and grandma. we stopped in boston first so dennis could get a haircut and then we had lunch at my parents’ restaurant. we had to interrupt penny’s nap to make it to dennis’ hair appointment in time and penny was overtired. she actually ended up falling asleep while bottle-feeding but woke right up when dennis tried putting her in the stroller. my mom took her for a walk while dennis, my sister, and i ate and penny ended up falling asleep again.


yummy!! i got 짜장밥, or jajangbab. it’s fried rice with a sweet black bean sauce on the side.


after lunch, we drove another 45 minutes to see my grandma and aunt. my dad was also there so we were able to see him as well. my grandma wasn’t able to make it to penny’s 100th day celebration and i really wanted her to see penny.

this picture was taken just before she started crying

this picture was taken just before she started crying

penny’s not comfortable with unfamiliar faces so she gets upset when anyone other than dennis and i hold her. she used to be great with dennis’ mom, my mom, and sister but she doesn’t see them on a daily basis… and she has her preferences.

sadly, we didn’t stay too long because we wanted to stop by my parents’ house and also had a 2-hour drive home ahead of us. what should’ve been a 45-minute drive from boston to my grandma’s house took nearly 2 hours because of labor day weekend traffic! we had to pull over and change penny’s diaper and outfit too because she had had a blowout -_-

my parents recently purchased a new home and my dad really wanted to show it to us. my parents have been wanting to downsize for years but couldn’t find a condo that they liked in boston. after a year of living in an apartment, they decided to purchase a 5-bedroom house 25 minutes from boston. my dad’s reasoning: condos in boston are around the same price.. so might as well purchase a house. right… not sure how that’s downsizing, but they seem pretty happy.

here's dennis feeding penny in my parents' family room

here’s dennis feeding penny in my parents’ family room

snoozing on the way home

snoozing on the way home

on saturday, i drove up to massachusetts solo to attend my friend, esther’s baby shower. although i had said i was attending i kept having second thoughts because i was nervous about being away from penny for so long. plus, with the supply issue i had to make sure i pumped during the middle of the shower. anyway, i ended up going and had a great time. penny also slept for the majority of the time i was gone so that was easy for dennis! he ended up cleaning the entire house: vacuuming, laundry, dishes, and organizing every room. he was vacuuming the couch cushions when i came home! (penny was up by then.)

one thing i never really thought about until i had penny was being able to find a place to pump. the baby shower was held in a restaurant and when i went inside the bathroom to pump, i saw that the only outlet was near the sink. a server very graciously stood guard by the bathroom door while i pumped. oh, the joys of being a mama!

we relaxed the rest of the weekend by staying at home. we tried going to church on sunday but penny ended up taking a 3 hour nap. our friend, john, came over after church to visit instead. he arrived right when penny woke up from her nap; that’s when she’s the happiest so when john bent over the crib to see her, she was smiling. (otherwise, she probably would’ve cried.)


penny’s first time on a swing – she was falling asleep!


yesterday, we tried hanging out on the field behind our house but that lasted, maybe, 15 minutes. penny was fussy so i brought her inside to feed her because she seemed distracted outside. well, it turns out she was super sleepy from not sleeping well the night before. she ended up napping for 4.5 hours! i had to go wake her because it was interfering with her feeds and i didn’t want the long nap to keep her up at night.


it would’ve been nice to be able to chill outdoors 😦

any time there is a sweltering heat wave or an icy snow storm, people are quick to complain about the weather on social media: “i can’t wait for summer/winter to be over.” having lived in new england all of my life, i truly appreciate having four seasons. not only does it break the monotony of having the same kind of weather over and over again but it makes me appreciate each season that much more. still, spring and fall are relatively short in comparison to summer and winter. out of the four, people seem to complain about fall less, if at all. it’s easy to see why with the cool, crisp weather; gorgeous foliage; fall activities; and comfort food to name a few.

though i haven’t been able to “enjoy” summer this year in terms of activities and events, it still was my first full season with penny. many days i would stare wistfully out the window wishing i could make an impromptu trip to the beach or pool or meet my girlfriends for happy hour. as penny gets older i’ll be able to do all these things once again but this will be the only summer where i was able to see penny at one month, two months, and three months old… and that is worth everything.

just before daddy started dancing with penny

just before daddy started dancing with penny

bath time

bath time

i see you!

i see you!


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