milestones part II

today marks two years since dennis and i got married!

IMG_0147and i thought wedding planning was stressful. i still can’t believe i have a baby. dennis and i talk about how we feel like we are babysitting long-term.. it’s just all so surreal.

since dennis is working 2-10 today we celebrated our anniversary yesterday with a dinner and a movie. it was our first date night since penny was born! we were apprehensive about leaving her and kept thinking about her the entire time. she was in good hands but we had never left her in someone else’s care until then. mil came over, and penny ended up sleeping for 3.5 hours and then finished eating right as we came home.


white sangria


it felt great dressing up and being able to go out


since we were gone from 4-9pm i packed my pump… how romantic, huh? we went to market grill for happy hour and drinks – my first one in ten months! – and then i pumped in the car while dennis went to purchase tickets for jurassic world 3d. we had been highly anticipating watching this movie and it ended up being alright. chris pratt is awesome though.

another milestone that recently occurred was penny’s 6-week mark. we had heard the 6-week growth spurt can be pretty brutal, and it didn’t spare us.  it can last up to a week for some people but thankfully ours was 2 days… 2 long days.

penny would not nap longer than 30 minutes and just wanted to continually eat. when she wasn’t eating, she was being fussy. last thursday was tough because i was by myself. dennis got out of work at 4 that day so he was able to help in the evening. he had friday off and assisted me all day.. otherwise i would not have been able to eat. for those that have/had babies, you know what i’m talking about… you’re stuck on the couch/recliner/wherever until the baby is satisfied. i try to surround myself with a full glass of water, snacks like a banana and a nature valley bar, and my phone to browse websites while i’m breastfeeding. it can be a l-o-n-g process especially during a growth spurt.

it’s very helpful if you have support during these times. i try to breastfeed whenever possible so dennis helps by refilling my water glass, feeding me, burping penny and putting her down for a nap. for those that bottle feed, it’s a little bit easier since someone else can do the feeding but then you still have to pump to keep up your supply. i hate pumping so i breastfeed as much as i can. i do continually add to my freezer and fridge stash by pumping before i go to bed and twice more during the wee morning hours when i have the most milk. penny usually feeds off one breast during the late night-early morning hours so i pump the other side after i put her down.

what made going through this stage a bit bearable was that penny has become a lot more active and social. she coos and gurgles often like she’s trying to talk. it’s so adorable!

she also has become more aware of her hands. she’s begun grasping things on her own and also becoming more sensitive to touch. today, since she wouldn’t nap (again), i put her in the baby bjorn and went out for a walk taking yuri along as well. she was fussy for the first ten minutes but soon fell asleep. i looked down at her and noticed that both of her hands were grasping the baby carrier. all the other times she had been in the carrier, her arms had hung limply by her sides. any changes i witness, big or small, i quickly record them in the Notes app on my iPhone so i can write them in the baby books when i have time later. if possible, i want to be able to remember everything so i try to document as much as i can.

IMG_0065 IMG_0061

you really can’t help but smile back when a cute baby is this happy…


the above picture is of my sister, jen. she came to visit last wednesday before the growth spurt started.

it’s great to have visitors when you’re up to it.. make sure they bring goodies like food especially during the first few weeks when you don’t have the time nor energy to make food.

IMG_0068 knowing my love for cupcakes, jen brought me a dozen mini ones 😀

dennis and i also went up to massachusetts for the day on saturday. we were nervous about bringing penny up for the first time because of her growth spurt. she was constantly cranky from not napping and we were worried about the 1.5 hour car ride each way along with how she was going to be being out and about all day. it seemed that the growth spurt ended friday night because she slept during the entire car ride and the majority of the time that we ate lunch. my parents own two korean restaurants in boston – they had three but sold one several months ago – so we ate lunch at one of the locations.


탕수육, or tang soo yook, is lightly battered pieces of pork or beef with a tangy sweet & sour sauce


we also ordered 두부김치제육볶음, tofu kimchi stir-fry, and 순두부찌게, or the soft tofu stew


i love this backdrop. we took some engagement photos here as well.


family portrait thanks to our selfie stick


we met up with my sister, jen, and her boyfriend, brendan.. and our friend, almex

but the main reason for our trip was so my grandma could finally meet penny, her 17th great-grandchild!


praying to God

IMG_0125ever since i got married, my grandma has been telling (pressuring) me to have a baby so when i told her the good news at ten weeks, she was ecstatic. i just wish we lived closer so she could see penny more often. 😦 i’m hoping to go up in a few weeks again… penny is growing so fast and it makes me sad that my family can’t see her as often as we’d all like. since we take so many photos of penny, i told myself that i’ll develop a bunch and mail them to my grandma so she can witness the growth and changes as well.

penny put up a valiant fight over taking her afternoon nap today. my mil came over with homemade mandoo (korean dumplings) and put penny to sleep while i finally ate. she has the magic touch because penny’s been sleeping for almost 2 hours now! i’m hoping i have time to eat 김치찌게 (kimchi stew) and wash the dishes before she wakes up.

enough writing today.. precious minutes are ticking away..

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