oh, happy day

new england, new york, and new jersey were bracing for the onslaught of snow from blizzard juno, but for many states the outcome was underwhelming to say the least. having grown up in massachusetts and living in connecticut for the past four years, i have become used to blizzards and snow storms with accumulation totals measured in feet, not inches. so i was slightly disappointed when i woke up this morning to find that the snow amounted closer to 15 inches rather than 30 but i really couldn’t complain since i had a snow day today. i also found out an hour earlier than i have a snow day tomorrow too!

typically for breakfast, i either have a breakfast sandwich or oatmeal since i can eat it on the go but i usually treat myself to pancakes or waffles when i don’t have work. today was no exception. since i made chocolate chip pancakes last saturday, i made waffles with strawberry sauce this morning.

delicious and simple to make
                               delicious and simple to make

the recipe i use can be found here – all you need are strawberries, sugar, vanilla extract, and corn starch. easy peasy 🙂


to make the pancakes or waffles a little bit sweeter and prettier for presentation, i sprinkle powdered sugar on top using a sieve and a spoon. enjoy!

i also took advantage of the extra time i had today to organize part of my side of the master closet. as my belly grows, there are more clothes that i can’t fit into anymore. going through my clothes allowed me to also put away summer and fall items that i hadn’t bothered to put away. i also have one trash bag of clothes that i am going to bring to a consignment store.




it doesn’t look like much, but organizing the four shelves took me about an hour and a half as i refolded clothes and also put many away in storage containers. i feel really liberated and know i am going to feel less anxious when figuring out what to wear in the morning. again, i only tackled part of the closet but baby steps…

speaking of baby, i am nearing seven months! accomplishing small tasks such as these makes me feel a wee bit more ready for when the baby comes.. just a little bit. now i’m off to update the registry (yet again) and spend quality time with my husband and dog.

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