our daughter’s name will be penelope.

we had a girl and boy name picked out a few weeks into my pregnancy so it was either one or the other when we found out the gender. ^_^

I hit the 6 month mark this past Friday. ALREADY. I thought the nine months would drag but it has been flying by. with each passing day, Dennis and I experience feelings of joy and anxiousness. naturally, we are thrilled to be parents but sometimes the prospect of becoming parents terrifies us. I suppose we had a little practice raising a vociferous, energetic pomeranian mix the past four years but a human baby is a different story. never mind worrying if we’re ready because the baby is coming in three months!


six months!

what’s been helpful during this time is being able to share pregnancy symptoms and my hopes and fears with other expecting moms. one of my good girlfriends is due in early april and she’s been able to give me a heads-up of what to look forward to (or not) in the coming weeks. and it’s also fun to be able to plan things like baby showers and decorating the nursery together. if you ever plan on having a child, try to find a community of moms (and even dads) to share the journey with – being able to swap stories with my friend among others has been greatly beneficial since it’s tough for the father-to-be to truly empathize with the woman’s changing body and what she’s going through no matter how supportive he is. that said, dennis has been so hands-on since day one. these past few months have given me a glimpse of the loving dad that he will be when our baby girl makes her entrance.

dennis and i had long chosen our nursery colors before we knew of the gender. i had been scouring pinterest for inspiration since the day i found out i was pregnant so i’ve had plenty of time to see what colors i wanted. i knew i wanted gray walls – a nice neutral that is modern and chic – and dennis immediately agreed. i also wanted something to make the nursery stand out and was deciding between having an accent wall via a different color or patterned wallpaper or painting stripes on the ceiling. dennis and i settled on the latter because we thought it was such a unique touch. i chose gold which dennis was hesitant about until he painted the ceiling. it is the perfect shade of gold – rich and elegant.

 we converted the third bedroom into the nursery. the chandelier has been there since we moved in three years ago so we kept it for the nursery, and it’ll be perfect for “princess penelope” as a former colleague put it 🙂

another panoramic view of the room

close-up of the chandelier and the gold stripes


for those of you interested in the colors, here are the paint chips for behr: natural gray and classic gold

before i close, i would like to share one last piece of advice for future parents: remember to relax and still make time for yourselves. not only will you not have the luxury of peace and quiet once the baby arrives but being active helps keep the stress level down for the baby mama and also can help make delivery easier when the time comes. so go out there and have fun when you can… although it’s easier said than done since all i want to do nowadays is veg on the couch…

image8 image7

yesterday, we went to the uconn vs. cincinnati game in hartford with our friends john and alice. it was an exciting game because it was close the entire time, and uconn won their third game in a row. afterwards, we went to dave & buster’s to eat and play. sad to say, but my arms are sore from an intense sesh of a 4-way air hockey game.

image5 image6

dennis & me                                                           john & alice

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