here’s to 2015… and parenthood

happy new year!

i say this every year, but i can’t believe another year has come and gone. 2014 was an amazing year for me. i had thought that 2013 would be tough to beat since that was the year i got married to my best friend, dennis. little did i know 2014 had even more milestones in store for me: a new job as a kindergarten teacher and impending parenthood!

dennis and i found out the joyous news on september 4th, but it didn’t become *REAL* until we discovered the gender on Christmas morning: we are having a girl!

giphy (2)
my reaction, along with my in-laws

giphy (3)Dennis’s reaction

ah, well.. like many men, Dennis wanted a son first. After the -brief- initial disappointment, Dennis was, and still is, ecstatic. All that matters is that the baby is healthy. †

here’s what we looked like on christmas morning:


a former colleague suggested that we have our ob place either a pink or blue pacifier in a box (depending on the gender) and not open it until christmas morning. we are so fortunate that our gender reveal appointment was only 3 days prior to christmas making the agonizing wait not as painful. my father-in-law, also wanting a girl, suggested we open gifts on christmas eve but we were insistent on waiting until christmas morning.

some of my readers may have been loyally following my now-retired tumblr blog, and i thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement… particularly when i had been overwhelmed with my job and grad school, and hadn’t had the motivation nor energy to maintain my blog in the past few months. i guess the exciting news of becoming a first-time mommy re-sparked my desire to keep a blog. that, and my love for fashion and writing needs an outlet as well.

why not continue the tumblr blog? i initially chose tumblr to showcase my style since the platform is geared towards a more youthful audience and is more visually-oriented: i let the images do the talking. i still want to share my fashion and style ideas, but now that i will become a mommy i want to share that journey as well (especially inspo on ways to still look fashionable and chic with an ever-burgeoning belly). 

my blog isn’t just for current or future mommies, but for anyone that is interested in learning and sharing fashion and lifestyle ideas. i eagerly anticipate picking up great tips and ideas from my readers as well.

thank you for your support and i look forward to your feedback – please feel free to leave a comment on my posts. also, you can keep in touch and chronicle my journey on facebook and instagram as well.

facebook: jacqueline nayoung so

instagram: so_nana_whatsmyname


2 thoughts on “here’s to 2015… and parenthood

    • thank you so much! I loved your post on websites that have cute kids’ clothes. your son makes a great model~ I’m definitely going to keep those websites in mind!


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